Saturday, May 02, 2009

Etched in my thighs

the look between two people, its endless in nature
creation, errupting from the fears in my thighs
Can this be true, two people... unable to truely feel?
Or are we trying to escape the fear of being hurt?

Over and over I recite what I might say, the words ringing
Yet when they are near, I cannot mutter a single word of truth
Instead breathe them in, stitch the memory in my head
Over and over again, this cannot be real?

Wishing, managing to stay calm enough just for the energy
This feels almost like a dream, one from which I cannot forget
But then again, being lost in the falseness can create pain
Between my lips I manage to just breathe, deep breaths of air

Feeding, this feels too real, almost uneasy
But will they return, or just wander away
Just like the rest of them, never to be seen again
But should I leave? Or should I wait till it burns my eyes?

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